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Sammamish Large Format Printing
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Sammamish Large Format Printing

custom vinyl wall mural installEvery business knows that it is important that the promotional materials used for the business have clear images or graphics to display products, services and other relevant information. If the display looks pixelated or stretched, people will ignore the display and think your business is not taking itself seriously.

To achieve a better impact and build a stronger business image, you can use our Sammamish large format printing service at Cascade Signs and Graphics. We can create large format prints that can display any content you want in clear detail and without warped or distorted areas. We have some of the latest large format printers available, which can print materials that are larger than 100″.

For these prints, our team will be on hand to guide you through every step of the project so that you know what the final product will look like and help you maximize the impact of these prints for your business. We are the printing company you can trust whenever you need to get large prints and we can also print other marketing materials for you so that your messaging is cohesive and leaves a lasting impact.

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Wide Format Banners

Wide format banners are the most common promotional materials used by businesses during events and other key business activities.

Custom tradeshow displayOur wide format banners can be made from polyester, vinyl, and other durable materials which can be used for any occasion. Wherever you install these banners, the print is crisp and it will not fade easily. The materials also come in various finishes, which adds to its flare and durability.

If you would like one of our experts to build custom wide-format banners for you, we will sit down with you to discuss what is required for these banners and recommend the best banner options in terms of the materials, resolution and installation setup. We will also visit your location to determine the best spot these banners should be placed in and how it can be installed securely.

Our Sammamish large format printing service can also help you install these wide format banners indoors. Our team will check the spot you want the banner to be placed and get it installed once we produce it.

Large Format Graphics

Large format graphics are essential in business marketing because it offers a better way to promote products, services and content compared to small print materials.

outdoor promotional bannerThese graphics can be placed anywhere in your facility, especially in areas where you want people to focus on. It can show inspirational photos to tell people about your company’s story or safety information people need to know.

For these graphics, our team will adjust the design to match any print resolution to prevent warping or stretched prints. We also identify the right material for your project and help you maximize its impact with its location and design. Some of the large format graphics we can create include window displays, vinyl graphics, wall and floor graphics and others. We also do custom large format graphics for unique display ideas.

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Full-Service Sign Company

When it comes to high quality printing and signs for both personal and business purposes, many companies and businesses in Sammamish trust Cascade Signs and Graphics to deliver.

custom indoor signageOur company offers a stress-free experience for anyone seeking our services because we do everything in house. This allows us to do the project from start to finish, keeping our prices low and prints in high-quality each and every time. We are also on hand through every step of the project to guide each client and answer any questions they may have regarding the final product.

For your large format print projects and signage, we will check the image that will be used and convert it if necessary to match the specifications of our high resolution and large format printers. If you still don’t have a design for your project, we can design it for you and prepare the file to match the format required. Before we print the design, we can edit it as much as needed until the design is perfect for your needs.

Since everything is done in house, we will manufacture the project immediately and double check its quality before bringing it to your location. The final product is guaranteed to be durable and the print won’t fade easily wherever you place it.

Aside from our Sammamish large format printing service, we also do other printing projects for items like window graphics, promotional merchandise and others. The materials we can work with are extensive, enabling us to provide quality prints in any format. Speak to our team about your requirements and we will make it possible.

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Sammamish Large Format Printing cascade logo 300x117Our talented team can tackle any type of sign project you have, whether it is creating outdoor advertisements or printed material that will catch people’s attention. Let us know your business goals, we will create the appropriate sign or banner for it and help you maximize it for your business.

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